What Debsalem at The Homestead said

Here is a testimonial from Debsalem, social worker at The Homestead. For more about what I did, read the post below.

Megan is an absolute pleasure and joy to interact with- from making arrangements via facebook throught to implementing the plan in person. She is enthusiastic, efficient, creative, professional and heart centered.

On the day, she arrived respectfully early and calmly greeted us all with smiling eyes. We went to the workshop space and arranged the room to create an open space. We stood in a circle and Megan introduced herself by sharing what she does and establishing a humble, comfortable and honouring atmosphere in which the boys felt free to express themselves. She was very present during the session and sensitively adapted what she was doing to respond to the boys in the most benefficial manner.

It was fun and fabulous. They laughed a lot and many name Megan’s group as the highlight of their holiday programme.


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