The Cast

One of the hardest choices to make is that of a cast. I am about to go into rehearsals for a big industrial theatre show and I had to audition and then select a cast of five to perform what will be a 35 minute play that will go around South Africa as part of a road show.

Auditions were three days of roller coaster. Some actors were brilliantly prepared and had given their audition some creative thought. Others had fits of nerves. Some were so good but not suitable, some were suitable but not good enough, others were plain useless.

The hardest part was choosing from those who were good, and making choices that have to do with group dynamics, balance, age, status, energy and size of performance. In this country colour still plays a major part. There are still jobs that are mainly performed by black people and white people are still the majority when it comes to being the boss.

After a weekend of deliberation and going through the permutations, I settled on my final cast and it is so exciting. Watch this space for pictures and updates.

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