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I have connected with Charlie Beall, an MBA student at UCT’s Graduate School of Business and become his ‘research project’. He is looking at the effectiveness of introducing the skills of ¬†improvisation into the business environment. Effectively, what this means is that he has set up a series of workshops for me, with incredibly diverse groups of people, and he is participating and doing follow-up interviews which I will then have access to. It’s a wonderful way of getting the work I do ‘out there’ and it really helps to have someone passionately behind it.

Charlie’s classmates were our first guinea pigs last Friday, and I have to admit to being quite taken with them. They were young, exciting and dynamic, and responded to the work with a wonderful gung-ho attitude.

On Saturday morning we worked with a tiny group of Sanlam people whose jos during the week are incredibly stressful. this group were quite shy in the beginning, but gradually warmed up and ended up doing amazing and creative things, full of generosity and fun.

Today I am working with a small on-line media company this morning, and some UCT academics this afternoon – two totally diverse groups. It will be so interesting to see if they receive the work any differently. Exciting stuff.

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