Improv workshop observations

What an amazing week it has been to be doing the positive, active, affirming and warm work of improvisation. I have just finished a series of five sessions for a hotel who wanted to do something to bring staff together, get them to know a bit about each other and to relax, have fun and communicate openly and warmly. So, in five sessions I worked with a complete variety of hotel staff, from housekeeping to doormen and receptionists, and even middle and top management. Amazing.

Running parallel to this work has been the 2010 World Cup, which has a very particular relevance to hotel staff. Not only do they have a hotel full of foreign guests, they also have a great pride and patriotism. So, it’s been a wonderful time to do the positive work of improv.

Obviously it’s not easy for everybody. Shyness, nerves, fear, embarrassment and even status issues have to be overcome, or at least managed. I have to say that almost everyone did something surprising or fresh, and everyone definitely had a good laugh. The best part was some delicious and heartfelt feedback at the end of the sessions, full of smiley faces and warm voices.

Although I found moments of the work really, really challenging I also absolutely loved it. I love seeing immediate results. I love being totally present. I couldn’t wait to be there and do it.

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