About Us

Improvision is operated and run by me, Megan Furniss. I graduated from UCT with a BA and a performer’s diploma in 1986. After many years of performing and creating conventional theatre I became involved with Theatresports, and started performing improvisation in front of an audience. In 1993 I started my own improv company in Cape Town and have been involved with that ever since. I also became interested in bringing theatre to the corporate world and I created Improvision, an applied theatre and improvisation company, with the aim of providing all theatrical solutions to the world of business. Improvision makes industrial theatre, provides the skills of actors at functions, events, workshops and seminars, and most importantly, specialises in applied improvisation for the corporate world.

I specialise in bringing techniques from the theatre into the organisational context to solve a number of commonplace problems, including help with the following:

  • Teambuilding.
  • Conflict resolution.
  • Diversity issues.
  • Overcoming language barriers.
  • Communication, listening, cooperation and collaboration.
  • Empowerment exercises including public speaking and confidence building work.
  • Working on Racism.
  • Increasing innovation, spontaneity, creativity, problem solving.
  • Organisational agility and the power for employees to think on their feet.
  • Narrative work relating to leadership, discovering one’s inner narrative.
  • Crafting a corporate narrative or creating a new mission statement.
  • Visioning exercises.
  • Developing active listening.

…this changing world requires much less certainty and far more curiosity. We have the opportunity many times a day, every day, to be the one who listens to others, curious rather than certain. And the greatest benefit that comes to those who listen is that we develop closer relationships with those we thought we couldn’t understand.
Margaret Wheatley, Author of ‘Finding Our Way: Leadership for an Uncertain Time’