About Improvision and how we can help you

Improvision is a theatre, facilitation and training company that has been making and performing specific, unique and diverse live performance in South Africa for the last 17 years. Run by theatre all rounder, Megan Furniss, Improvision uses theatrical live performance and improvisation to deliver messages, create change, entertain, educate and delight target audiences and participants.

Why organisations are turning to Improvisation

Across the globe, companies are realising that not all problems can be solved by traditional methods such as managing risk, forecasting, modelling and predictability.

Instead they are focusing on making their people more flexible, adaptive, and innovative. They are investing in tools and techniques designed to make teams more creative, collaborative and cohesive.

These techniques are not new to the theatre where they have been used for generations to help people think better on the spot, work with one another and solve problems instantaneously.

Most of us however, have never received this kind of training. Improvisation focuses on what makes a team work. A group learns, through improvisation, to build a team. A team can be made up of many different personalities. It can have a long or short life-span depending on its functions, and it can change dynamically to accommodate new members and situations.With improvisation you learn the tools and rules that make a functioning, successful and creative team.